The new iOS 8 is set for public release on September 17th

The new iOS 8 is set for public release on September 17th, less than one week away. The Gold Master version was released to developers at the media event on September 9th. If you want to get your hands on iOS 8 before its public release, read on.
Download iOS 8 GM :

As soon as your UDID is activated, you can go ahead and download the iOS 8 GM IPSW – follow these instructions and make sure you download the IPSW for your specific iOS device.
Activate your UDID :
If you are not a registered developer, you must get your UDID number activated before you can download iOS 8 GM. To do that, you can take part in our Premium Activation Promotion. It will cost you just $10 for 12 months and you can get

iOS 8 Features
There are so many new features in iOS 8 that it would take too long to list them all. There are some that are more important than others are though:
  • New Battery Usage Indicator –  very useful feature that tells you exactly what is draining your battery so fast 

·         Third Party Keyboard Support – it’s been a long time coming but at last you will be able to use a third party keyboard of your choice 

·         Continuity – excellent feature for those who use more than one iOS device and/or Mac. It allows you to start something on your Mac, for example and finish it on your iPad 

·  iCloud Photo Library – at last a way to store all your photos without having to delete any 

New Hardware
Of course, we mustn’t forget that the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch were also revealed at the media event. Both of the new iPhones are set for release on September 19th in the USA and 8 other countries with at least 115 countries receiving it before the end of the year.


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